The Richard Wesley Play Anthology (Applause Books) (Paperback)

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This anthology of five full-length plays collectively outlines a cultural history of black America in the post-Civil Rights era, from the late 20th century through the first decades of the 21st. Black Terror looks at the radical politics of the Black Power era; The Sirens, the destabilization of black familial and social life in the early 1970s; The Mighty Gents, the destructiveness of black macho in the late 1970s; The Talented Tenth, the midlife crisis and the end of idealism in the black middle class in the early 1980s; and Autumn, the new generational paradigm in black urban politics in the early 21st century. Each of the plays included in this anthology was born out of the idea of the public thinker, and what Arthur Miller would refer to as the importance of an individual conscience - as well as the belief that each generation must give back, must inform and inspire the generation that follows. No people - and certainly not the African Americans still striving and struggling in the 21st century - can thrive if they fail to adhere to that simple idea.
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ISBN: 9781480394995
ISBN-10: 1480394998
Publisher: Applause Books
Publication Date: July 1st, 2015
Pages: 328
Language: English
Series: Applause Books