The Chip Woman's Fortune: A Play by Willis Richardson (Paperback)

The Chip Woman's Fortune: A Play by Willis Richardson By Vanessa Cross (Introduction by), Willis Richardson Cover Image
By Vanessa Cross (Introduction by), Willis Richardson
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In 1922, Willis Richardson wrote The Chip Woman's Fortune. On January 29, 1923, the play was performed by the Ethiopian Art Players in Chicago. In April 1923, the play moved to New York. On May 7, 1923, The Chip Woman's Fortune had a short run at the Lafayette Theatre in Harlem. Eight days later, it became the first play by an African American to reach Broadway. The chip woman, in The Chip Woman's Fortune, is named Aunt Nancy. She contributes to the household where she resides by picking up chips of wood and lumps of coal from the streets. We find her living with Silas and caring for his ill wife, Liza, whom we learn is making a steady recovery under Aunt Nancy's care. Silas learns that the family's greatest treasure, a Victrola record player, is about to be repossessed because of financial strain that has left him unable to make payments on the outstanding debt owed on the machine. After learning that, Aunt Nancy has managed to save some money from street donations she receives, Silas decides that it is time for her to contribute more than the nursing care provided to his wife, and the wood chips and coal lumps she collects for use by the family.
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